Filtronic to present a paper at ARMMS

18 November 2019

Filtronic attends the November 2019 ARMMS conference.

In collaboration with NPL – Xiaobang Shang of NPL and Jian Ding of Filtronic – will be presenting a paper on ‘Calibration techniques for on-wafer S-parameter measurements’.

Abstract: Accurate characterisation of S-parameters (scattering parameters) at chip level is of great importance to the development of next generation electronic devices. Such measurements are usually carried out on a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA), subject to an on-wafer calibration. Calibration techniques play a key role in determining the accuracy of on-wafer measurements. This presentation is intended to provide an overview of conventional calibration techniques, including TRL (Thru, Reflect, Line), Multi-Line TRL, and SOLT (Short, Open, Load, Thru), etc. New SOLT calibration method (using a 10-term error model), developed by NPL, will also be reported. Advantages and limitations of these different calibration techniques will be discussed and summarised. Additionally, this presentation will give an insight into other important factors, related to on-wafer measurements at millimetre-wave frequencies. These factors include design of calibration standards, repeatability of on-wafer measurements, impact from testing environment, etc.

In addition, Filtronic will have a table at the commercial exhibition that accompanies the conference; where Jerry Sanham and Mike Geen will have information on our products and services.

The ARMMS RF and Microwave Society is an independent professional society comprising Electronics Engineers with an interest in high frequency (RF & Microwave) engineering.

The ARMMS conference is being held Monday 18th November to Tuesday 19th November 2019 at Wyboston Lakes, Wyboston, UK.
Further information on the conference can be found here: