A track record of high-performance RF design solutions for critical communications

RF design, electronics and software

Filtronic is an RF design specialist with an industry leading team with over 200 years combined experience in microwave and mmWave product design and integration. We have over forty years’ track record of delivering high performance RF technologies.

Our expertise includes integrated RF, electronics and software design with access to an exclusive range of in-house designed GaAs MMICs and GaN FETs. Our MMIC engineers are experienced in designing on a wide range of GaAs and GaN foundries, and in using foundry models, as well as fine-tuning and optimising our own model sets. We maintain a comprehensive range of Computer Aided Design systems for microwave circuit design, system simulation, thermal design, mechanical design and automated test programme development.

We offer bespoke microwave design services for a broad range of applications up to 175GHz – across a range of market sectors including telecoms, aerospace and defence, critical communications and test and measurement.

We have a wide core skill base that includes:

  • RF systems engineers
  • MMIC specialists
  • Filter specialists
  • Electronic and PCB layout designers
  • Mechanical design
  • Process engineers
  • Software and firmware experts

We are unique in having many of our designs manufactured and tested in-house by our state-of-the-art high volume manufacturing facility. This allows concurrent development of tailored test solutions and manufacturing processes to ensure a smooth transfer into production and rapid volume ramp up.

Filtronic designers can also develop software solutions, such as bespoke user interfaces which enable the control and monitoring of a complex set of features.

We collaborate and solve problems through our RF design excellence

Areas of expertise include;

  • High data rate point-to-point transceivers
  • Waveguide filters and diplexers‍System in package; design, manufacture and test
  • GaN & GaAs power amplifiers
  • Passive receivers for W-band security applications
  • MMIC design
  • Millimetre-wave test
  • Software and firmware