High performance transmit & receive

Filtronic design and manufacture a range of transmit and receive products including transceivers, transmit and receive modules, front end modules and power amplifiers. Our products provide high-performance and are competitively priced, significantly reducing clients time to market.

Transmit & receive

With experience and an innovative culture, we enable creative solutions for highly complex RF challenges. Our products are integral to a range of challenging applications including mobile telecommunications infrastructure, defence and aerospace, and emergency first-responder communications. Download our latest technologies brochure here


Filtronic’s range of Hades Active Diplexers enable original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) to reduce the cost of their E-band radios whilst significantly increasing RF performance.
  • 71-76GHz and 81-86Gz High Power Amplifiers
  • A range of configurable options integrating high power amplifiers (PAs) and low-noise amplifiers (LNAs), thus reducing size and weight compared with discrete components.
  • Specified to integrate either GaAs or InP amplifiers as required, in either or both of the Tx and Rx chains.
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Morpheus X2

Our next generation Morpheus X2 E-Band transceiver module pushes the boundaries of performance even further, supporting linear Tx output power in excess of 24dBm.
  • Linear transmit power output of 24dBm
  • Supports 10Gbps per channel links
  • Receiver noise figure is typically 7-8dB , and an enhanced option with 4.5-5.5dB noise figure is also available for specialised applications.
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In terms of performance, our high power amplifier redefines E-band power for commercial and military applications.
  • 81-86GHz High Power Amplifier
  • High linearity supports 256QAM modulation
  • Full 5GHz bandwidth
  • Saturated powers up to >+39dBm
  • >20dB gain
  • Suitable for commercial or military applications
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Hades X2

Our next generation Hades X2 E-Band active diplexer are designed to allow our customers to reduce the cost of their E-band radios whilst increasing performance.
  • 71-76GHz and 81-86Gz High Power Amplifiers
  • Tx Saturated powers up to >+30dBm
  • Rx NF <4dB
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Hercules II

The Hercules II combines Filtronic’s Morpheus II transceiver and either a Cerus 4 or 8 SSPA module, revolutionising high-speed backhaul networks with its unmatched performance and versatility.
  • 71-76GHz and 81-86Gz High Power Amplifiers
  • Tx Saturated powers up to >+35dBm
  • Low phase noise
  • Supports up to 512QAM modulation
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Morpheus II

Morpheus II modules are designed for easy incorporation into ODUs for rapid time to market with minimal customer engineering resource. They are a drop-in mmWave solution for ultra-high-capacity wireless links.
  • Range extension with leading, linear Tx power
  • Supports 10Gbps per channel links
  • Field proven technology
  • Ideal for 5G wireless XHaul and fibre alternative applications
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Cerus, the 71-76GHz and 81-86GHz boost power amplifiers from Filtronic, deliver market-leading transmit power, enabling extended link distances for high-capacity E-band point-to-point, HAPS and Satellite applications.
  • >20dB gain
  • Saturated powers up to >+43dBm (Cerus 32)
  • Suitable for military or commercial applications
  • Low SWAP for airborne & HAPS applications
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Transmit and receive modules

Filtronic provides design, manufacturing and testing of either our own high performance bespoke products or manufacturing and testing as services in our cutting-edge facilities.
  • High capacity and high performance as standard
  • High linearity transmit and receive chains
  • Internally integrated low-phase noise local oscillators
  • Amplification and electronic beam steering
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Filtronic have expertise in developing high performance transceivers across a full range of frequency bands. We have particular expertise in mmWave where we have developed the world’s first 40Gbps stratosphere-to-ground link and the worlds first 10Gbps transceiver applied in trackside to train demonstration links.
  • Cost-effective, carrier-class multi-gigabit connectivity for mobile backhaul networks
  • Flexible channel widths from 62.5MHz up to 2000MHz
  • Proven experience with high reliability and low cost
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Front end modules

Filtronic has extensive experience in creating high performance modules that are placed between the antenna and the digital baseband section of a wireless system.
  • Fully integrated complex front-end switching and up/down conversion
  • Designed to optimise system efficiency
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