High performance RF solutions for complex communication markets

High performance RF solutions for complex markets

At Filtronic, using high-frequency RF we push the boundaries of many future technologies. Our products impact your life, in ways you won’t even realise. Data is universal and drives everything from laptops to cars. Moving that data around is tricky, especially as the requirements increase. Filtronic’s expertise enables seamless connection with increased bandwidth, reduced latency and improved connectivity.

Our technology is working hard in space, connecting earth, to the stratosphere and beyond! We develop high-power, low-latency wireless technologies that enable our customers to build high-performance networks in the sky.

In an emergency, every second counts, Filtronic’s products are part of advanced radio networks, enabling dispatchers to instantly communicate critical information to first responders in the field.

Digital connectivity is no longer a luxury, it is a requirement, our technologies enable the transmission and receipt of big data over long distances!

Defences must innovate, as technology reshapes warfare. Filtronic technologies are core to next-gen radars, helping to solve tomorrow’s defence problems today. Scanning the horizons, sensing threats, using the RF spectrum to help safeguard our skies.

Next-generation supercomputers may unlock the secrets of the universe in the future, Filtronic’s technologies play a crucial role, supplying advanced microwave technology that allows supercomputing to fulfil its purpose.

At Filtronic, we create products, that help shape the future. Our engineers bring innovation to life in ways that impact us all. Innovating Tomorrow, Today!


RF, electronic warfare and AESA radar sub-systems. Unmatched excellence across the RF spectrum.

Telecoms infrastructure

Driving the evolution of wireless network access and XHaul applications. Our technologies enable the transmission and receipt of big data over long distances.

Critical communications

High reliability 700MHz, 800MHz & 900MHz components and sub-systems for P25 networks. High-performance and high-reliability RF for LMR, LTE and Converged Networks.


Connecting a converged network – mmWave solutions for space. Our RF technology is working hard in space, connecting earth to the stratosphere and beyond.


Harnessing RF power to enable modern defence communications. Our technologies enable clearer sensing, communication and defence.

RF products and subsystems in every sector

Driving the evolution of wireless network access and XHaul applications. High frequency, high performance, low latency communications.

Test & measurement for RF systems

Private RF networks

Trackside to train

Quantum computing

What we do…

In today’s data-driven world, Filtronic specialises in transmitting vast amounts of analog data quickly and accurately over long distances. Our advanced solutions enhance connectivity, optimise bandwidth, and minimise latency. As pioneers in high-frequency mmWave technology, we tackle the toughest challenges in the market, and that’s why global tech leaders choose Filtronic. We offer unmatched expertise and innovative solutions they can’t find anywhere else. You probably haven’t heard of us but will have used our technology.

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Why choose Filtronic?

Speed & performance

Lower total cost of ownership



Agile culture

Improved SWaP-C

Engineer to engineer collaboration

Where we lead


E band represents the frequency range from 60 GHz to 90 GHz. Demand for E-band mmWave radio links is growing rapidly, as they can provide high capacity and low latency XHaul for the latest 5G networks that are being rolled out globally. Filtronic’s device-agnostic Microwave and mmWave transceivers, offer high-performance, are competitively priced and significantly reduce client time to market. Our ultra-high-capacity E-band (71-76 and 81-86 GHz) mmWave transceivers are designed to deliver cost-effective, carrier-class multi-gigabit connectivity for mobile backhaul networks.


Filtronic is a high performance expert with a track record of delivering transceiver solutions that lower the overall cost per Gbps. We are the partner of choice for leading OEMs and mobile network operators looking for bespoke, microwave and mmWave components and subsystems for XHaul applications.

Solid-state power amplifiers

Solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs) convert a low-power radio frequency signal to a higher power one. Filtronic’s range of power amplifiers provide market leading linear mmW power. Cerus is a series of E-Band (71 to 76 GHz) power amplifiers for point-to-point applications. They are ideal for military or commercial applications with excellent SWAP (low size, weight and high power) perfect for airborne & non-terrestrial applications.

Microwave Filters | Filtronic PLC


We have extensive expertise in developing microwave and mmWave filters for telecoms applications. Our products include metal cavity filters, ceramic, combline, interdigital, lumped element, suspended substrate, waveguide and thin-film filters. We are experts in filter technology, offering rapid prototyping and reduced development cycles.

Looking to the future

6G Wireless communication

6G is the next generation of telecommunication which will be the successor to 5G. 6G radio frequency will work in the wavelength ranges above 95GHz and is expected to utilise frequencies up to 3 THz which will result in massive bandwidth availability. 6G technology will need higher frequency mmWave solutions for the wireless transport networks, which is why Filtronic is developing products and capabilities at  W and D band. We have been at the vanguard of RF and microwave technology for over 40 years, and we see high frequency technology as critical to the future of these next-generation developments.

Defence – securing critical communications

In defence applications, unreliable or interrupted signals caused by congested frequency bands could cost lives. Moving up the frequency spectrum not only offers higher data rates, but also provides more directional signals that are harder to intercept. Alongside this, there is a push towards more digital signal processing in the radar signal chain.

New technologies in the pipeline include ultrawide band (UWB) tuneable filters, operating across a broad spectrum of frequencies, which will be used to capture highly accurate spatial and directional data. 

Space – commoditising satellite production

To support the rise of mega constellations of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, RF device manufacturers are developing “off-the-shelf” space-capable high-power products aiming to improve the commercial viability of small satellite manufacture and deployment. The exponential growth in data traffic also means that space communications will need to move further up the frequency band, to E-band (71-76GHz / 81-86GHz) where there is an abundance of bandwidth and technology to support its’ use.

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