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Front end modules

Filtronic have extensive experience in creating high performance modules that are placed between the antenna and the digital baseband section of a wireless system.
  • Fully integrated complex front-end switching and up/down conversion
  • Designed to optimise system efficiency
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Ceramic filters

Filtronic have a rich history in ceramic filter design and manufacture. Filter capability includes TE, TEM, TM, Quasi-T, ceramic combline etc. dependent upon the required filter performance and size.
  • Ability to design and manufacture
  • Higher Q, lower insertion loss
  • Better spectral efficiency
  • Narrow guardband
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Combline filters

Traditionally supporting the wireless infrastructure business, where typical demands include low loss, tight rejection specifications, high power and low passive intermodulation
  • Bandwidths of 1% to 50% of the centre frequency
  • Contiguous and non-contiguous types available
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Lumped element filters

We understand filter topology and can work with the perfect technology for each challenge, while offering rapid prototyping and reduced development cycles.
  • Narrowband and broadband designs available
  • High pass, low pass
  • Band pass, band stop and multiplexer form
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Metal cavity filters

Filtronic has extensive expertise of machined and cast metal cavity filters. Cavity filters offer the user very low insertion loss, steep skirt selectivity, and narrower bandwidths than discrete component filters.
  • Low loss
  • Tight rejection specifications
  • High power
  • Low passive interm
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Suspended substrate filters

500MHz to 26GHz
Suspended Substrate Stripline (SSS) is traditionally a printed circuit technology that can be used for both broadband and narrowband filters.
  • Suitable for high pass and low pass filters that can be cascaded together to form broadband band pass filters and multiplexers
  • Utilising printed circuit technology
  • Repeatable performance across narrowband and broadband applications
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