News / 27 Mar 2020

Update on COVID-19 Response



27 March 2020 — Filtronic plc (AIM: FTC),

As Filtronic continues to assess and monitor the COVID-19 situation, the safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders is our top priority. Our aim is to ensure production continuity but without compromising health and safety. We are following the guidance issued by national/state health authorities in the locations in which we operate.
We have established a COVID-19 specific Business Continuity Team (Covid-BCT), comprised of senior company executives, who continue to monitor developments across all functions in the Filtronic group. We have updated our policies and adjusted our operations accordingly, and we have implemented enhanced protective measures and codes of behaviour in relation to interpersonal distancing. We are restricting travel, have put in place strict hygiene protocols for all Filtronic sites, are encouraging working from home and providing clear advice to our employees on how they can mitigate the risks of covid-19. Observance of such hygiene and personal protection requirements is being rigorously applied across the Filtronic group.

We aim to be transparent towards all our stakeholders in respect of the measures we are taking and the impact of Covid-19. On 19 March 2020, Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland issued an order closing all non-essential businesses in that State and subsequently issued interpretative guidance clarifying that the order did not extend to sectors in which Filtronic operates (i.e. critical manufacturing sector for…telecommunications utility infrastructure). In the UK, the current guidance from the UK Government is for businesses such as ours (i.e. not being classified as non-essential) to “carry on” whilst following the latest applicable Government advice.

Communications with Suppliers and Customers
In addition to introducing extensive mitigation measures within our own business operations our Covid-BCT has engaged directly with senior management across our supply base in order to understand the resilience of our supply chain to Covid-19 issues and to collaborate with them to mitigate issues where we can. To this end we have requested all our suppliers to advise us of their Covid-19 risk management plan.

As of today, the supply of materials and components to our production facilities is assured and our operations are running normally. As of today, we have not closed any of our premises.

Although this is a challenging situation, we believe we have the processes and organisation in place to deal with the potential issues that may face our Company as a result of this pandemic and we aim to provide the highest quality of products and services to our customers whilst ensuring the health and safety of our employees. As this is a fast-moving situation, please continue to monitor our website for updates.