Helping our clients solve complex RF, microwave and mmWave challenges

Our expertise in system integration enables reductions in component size and weight, improved reliability, and enhanced overall system performance.

Integrated subsystems

Filtronic develops and integrates RF solutions for mission-critical environments. We partner with clients by offering design, manufacture and test of high-performance RF devices & sub-systems. Specialties include developing, power-amplifiers, transceivers, MCPs, SIPs, MMICs and filters operating from DC to over 114 GHz.  Filtronic supplies product and technology solutions to global organisations in mobile telecommunications infrastructure, aerospace & defence, critical communications and space. Download our latest technologies brochure here


Cerus, the 71-76GHz and 81-86GHz boost power amplifiers from Filtronic, deliver market-leading transmit power, enabling extended link distances for high-capacity E-band point-to-point, HAPS and Satellite applications.
  • >20dB gain
  • Saturated powers up to >+36dBm (Cerus 8)
  • Suitable for military or commercial applications
  • Low SWAP for airborne & HAPS applications
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Tower top amplifiers

Filtronic’s TTA systems are fully compliant with the most stringent public safety RF specifications. The amplifiers have excellent system flatness across the passband and low system noise figure while retaining linearity and out-of-band rejection. This provides optimum inbound coverage and dependable performance in mission-critical applications.
  • Smart redundancy
  • Dependable performance for mission critical applications
  • Fully compliant with the most stringent public safety RF specifications
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Switched filter banks

Filtronic have extensive experience of designing and manufacturing switched filter banks. Our designs are optimised to minimise switching times with very low power consumption.
  • Compact, with low power consumption
  • Improve overall performance
  • Better insertion loss, flatness and voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR)
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Transmit and receive modules

Filtronic provides design, manufacturing and testing of either our own high performance bespoke products or manufacturing and testing as services in our cutting-edge facilities.
  • High capacity and high performance as standard
  • High linearity transmit and receive chains
  • Internally integrated low-phase noise local oscillators
  • Amplification and electronic beam steering
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Front end modules

Filtronic have extensive experience in creating high performance modules that are placed between the antenna and the digital baseband section of a wireless system.
  • Fully integrated complex front-end switching and up/down conversion
  • Designed to optimise system efficiency
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