Prototype characterisation and volume testing

Uniquely, manufacturing and testing of our products occurs in-house at our state-of-the-art high volume manufacturing facilities. This enables us to develop tailored, rigorous, robust testing at every stage of production, which may include:

  • Electrical testing DC to 110GHz
  • Environmental & stress screening
  • 100% electrical characterisation over full operating temperatures
  • Destructive and non-destructive tests
  • Die level MMIC wafer acceptance testing and characterisation
  • Pre and post-lid tests
  • Module calibration
  • Fully automated software controlled volume testing


In-house testing for complete quality assurance

World leading process control and full traceability

Our robust web-based manufacturing and process control system ensures real-time organisationwide
access to material traceability, inventory management, WIP tracking, SPC, yield reporting and on-time delivery.

All components are tracked via a unique serial number ID providing full end-to-end process control. They uniquely identified each operator, ensuring complete user monitoring and enabling role-based authorisation to allow only trained operators to run specific workflow sequences.

Test solutions – smart support software “FIDO”

Proprietary smart support software “FIDO” interrogates the WATS database and the Felix (WIP tracking) database

  • If certain tests fail within specified parameters, they trigger FIDO
  • FIDO interrogates the WATS and Felix databases and determines whether device under test (DUT) is likely to pass if module parameters are incrementally adjusted and DUT retested
  • FIDO will either adjust variables within the product firmware or trigger a recalibration
  • The module is then automatically retested
  • Undertaken with no operator intervention in order drive efficiency
  • FIDO clusters common test failure modes – providing efficient guidance for diagnostic technicians