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Filtronic’s strategy is to grow profitably as an organisation by being a key supplier of advanced RF communications products to the mobile telecommunication network infrastructure and critical communications markets. We offer standard and custom products developed to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Market strategy

The Filtronic market strategy is to focus on the markets that we have identified where our IP and know-how differentiate us and where we have established a good understanding of the requirements. We have separate sales teams that concentrate on the markets we have identified to ensure that we align our channels, strategies and focus to market-specific needs and opportunities.

In recent years Filtronic has seen intense competition from low-cost Asian manufacturers in the mobile telecommunications network infrastructure market and to remain relevant Filtronic needed to widen the markets we serve and to offer more advanced, system-level products. To achieve this, we have focussed on advanced antenna products that integrate multiple functions and advanced E-band transceivers capable of offering significant capacity increases.

Filtronic sees major opportunities as 5G networks are developed and our knowledge of advanced network access and high-frequency transceiver products positions Filtronic well to participating in this growth area.

Looking beyond telecoms, Filtronic identified that critical communications markets value our technical capabilities and value the fact that we are a western supplier. We have worked hard over recent years to build on relationships with customers in areas such as Public Safety Networks and Defence and Aerospace.

Our objective is to grow profitably in our chosen markets by being a key supplier to our customers of technically advanced products. We focus on markets where we have a deep understanding of the sector and customer requirements and where we can leverage our know-how and IP portfolio. 

Our strategy to fulfil this objective is:

  • To offer a growing range of technically advanced antennas, mmWave transceivers and filters which are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers;
  • To expand our customer base within existing markets; and,
  • To widen the number of markets we serve (both established and emerging markets).

Product strategy

Our high-performance product range has been developed using advanced design capabilities and currently comprises antenna, filter and mmWave transceiver products. The product range and wider technology capability are rich in IP and know-how with over 80 patents/applications across the product portfolio.

mmWave Transceiver Modules

Filtronic is a device-agnostic supplier of mmWave transceivers to OEMs; offering high specification, competitively priced modules that reduce customer time to market.

Contract Manufacturing and Design Services

The Filtronic Microelectronic Manufacturing Service is based in the UK and operates a world class clean room facility.