News / 29 Jan 2018

New CTO Appointed



The markets we serve continue to see rapid change and in particular, we have started to see investment from telecommunications OEMs and network operators in 5G and pre-5G technologies.

Whilst the specifications for 5G have not been finalised, there is growing consensus in the industry that a spectrum of frequencies around 26-30GHz will initially be used for network access. This spectrum range presents several technical challenges and opportunities to the industry and we have seen a number of projects that start to address these challenges.
Additionally, these industry trends are resulting in a convergence of the technologies and markets addressed by Filtronic Broadband and Filtronic Wireless.

The existing markets that we serve are also developing rapidly and we need to leverage our complete Group know-how, capabilities and resources to better address the opportunities that are now presenting themselves. As such, we have decided, that there needs to be closer cooperation and collaboration between the two current business units.

As an initial step to achieving this, we are merging the product development teams together into a single organisation and consequently as of 29th January 2018, David Lynch will be promoted to the role of Chief Technology Officer, taking overall responsibility for all product development and product development strategy across the Group. David will attend Board meetings and bring a more engineering bias to the strategic thinking of the Group than has been the case in recent years.

Rob Smith