News / 1 Aug 2018

New $2.0m Contract Win



Filtronic is pleased to announce the receipt of initial production orders from a major European OEM for its Massive MIMO (“mMIMO”) antenna product.

The orders, valued at approximately $2.0 million (USD), represent an initial production requirement for the mMIMO antenna recently developed under the agreement previously announced on 4 April 2018. The Company expects to fulfil this order in the first half of its current financial year to 31 May 2019 with an expectation that further production orders will follow. We are currently working with our customer to establish the likely demand profile and timing of these future orders.

Rob Smith, CEO, commented “We are delighted to receive these initial production orders for our mMIMO antenna. The announcement on 30 July 2018 by T-Mobile and Nokia stating that Nokia will supply T-Mobile with $3.5 billion of early stage 5G Network Equipment as part of T-Mobile’s first US nationwide 5G rollout underpins our confidence in our decision to focus considerable energy and resources over the past year on our mMIMO developments. mMIMO is a key technology for Mobile Telecommunications Networks as it uses licensed spectrum far more efficiently, thereby increasing existing network capacity. It enables the use of beamforming techniques which will be an essential requirement of 5G networks. The orders demonstrate our credibility and capability as a supplier of complex antennas into the telecoms market.”