Rail connectivity & communication

Rail communication and the provision of high-speed, high-capacity, high-reliability internet connections on rail journeys has become a strategic objective of both governments and rail operators around the world. Providing a reliable broadband Internet connection to a high-speed train has always been a major challenge. Railway passengers are frequently frustrated by the poor connectivity they receive while travelling.

Our E-band mmWave transceivers have been used as key components in these highly successful trials of a data communications link operating between a train and the side of the track, at multi gigabits.


Filtronic supplies device-agnostic mmWave transceivers. We offer high-performance, competitively priced modules that significantly reduce client time to market. Our ultra-high-capacity E-band (71-76 and 81-86 GHz) mmWave modules are designed to deliver cost-effective, carrier-class multi-gigabit connectivity for mobile backhaul networks. Flexible channel widths from 62.5MHz up to 2000MHz can be accommodated, facilitating operation at data rates up to 10Gbps per channel.

mmWave transceiver

Gigabit connectivity