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Executive Summary

Respected, trusted and established.

Respected heritage and brand name

The Filtronic brand has been in use for over 40 years, representing a track record of achievement, and is one of the most respected brands in the RF industry.

A trusted partner of OEMs and network operators worldwide
Operating in the mobile telecommunications and critical communications markets, Filtronic holds deep, long-standing relationships with some of the world’s largest OEMs, mobile network providers and aerospace & defence contractors. It is a trusted partner/collaborator for delivery of current and next-generation projects; where a combination of previous successes and leading technology drive repeat appointments. Filtronic products have been deployed globally.

Established product portfolio with a clear roadmap
Filtronic designs and manufactures products that transmit, receive, condition and manage radio waves, particularly at RF, microwave and mmWave frequencies. Mission-critical communication networks depend on our systems and components.

The class-leading product portfolio has been developed over decades of experience through pushing new product development and advancements in technology at pace and at high-quality levels. Extensive IP across the full range of products with deep experience and know-how is supported by a clearly designated patent portfolio.

Advanced technology supported by over 80 patents
Filtronic’s products have been awarded more than 80 unique patents and are deployed in all global markets.

Highly experienced team operating from well-invested facilities
It is our people that really set Filtronic apart. Our highly qualified team focus on delivering outstanding products and service to our customers. Devising and creating extremely specialised products requires skilled engineers and designers, typically educated to PhD level. We have considerable depth of technology, engineering, manufacturing and operational management expertise across our operations, and our product-development specialists have a track record of market-leading innovation.

Positioned to capitalise on the market
Filtronic operates in a rapidly expanding market, characterised by frequency complexity, massive data growth and the need to cost-effectively enhance networks. 

Uniquely placed for 5G
With a deep knowledge of design, development and manufacture of network access and mmWave technologies Filtronic is uniquely placed to play a key role in 5G infrastructure equipment.