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Filtronic has a strong engineering pedigree, with in-house expertise to design and manufacture bespoke microwave and mmWave components for a broad range of critical communication applications to over 110GHz.

Enabling the future

Filtronic are radio frequency experts within critical communications. We work with our clients to solve their complex RF, microwave and mmWave problems. We have entrepreneurial origins and that spirit runs deep within our organisation.

With an enviable track record of providing high performance, customised solutions within critical communication sectors spanning over 40 years. Filtronic design and manufacture our own high-performance components and sub-systems across the RF, Microwave and mmWave spectrum, as well as providing design, manufacturing and testing as services for our clients, using our cutting-edge technologies and facilities. We pride ourselves on being long-term partners in aerospace & defence, telecommunications infrastructure, and critical communications. We are technology leaders from RF to mmWave, and always deliver value for money.

microelectronics manufacturing

Precision microelectronics manufacturing

We manufacture highly integrated components with extreme precision, using our highly automated microelectronic assembly process. Our manufacturing teams thrive on challenging critical communication projects where the solutions we produce push the boundaries of RF electronics and materials. Producing precision components to client specifications in our 24-hour production facilities, we offer contract manufacturing services in both the UK and USA. Providing cost effective manufacture for both high-volume and high-mix, low-volume products.

Our Company
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Powered by remarkable people

Filtronic has considerable depth of technology, engineering, manufacturing, and operational management skills across its business operations. Our focus is on creating a high-performance culture through effective employee engagement, excellent career development and resource management. Filtronic employs a special kind of person. They are experts in their field, confident communicators who love to collaborate, solve problems, and step up to a challenge. Devising and creating our advanced products requires skilled engineers and designers, who understand the challenges of radio frequency communications.

Our people
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World class engineering

The Filtronic team has more than 200 years of combined experience in microwave and mmWave product design and integration. Filtronic works with clients to devise complex radio frequency (RF), microwave and mmWave solutions. For more than 40 years, we have designed, manufactured and tested our own high-performance, customised components and sub-systems for use in critical communications applications.

Design Services

Our values

  • Behave responsibly, respectfully and with total integrity
  • Be open, empower and collaborate
  • Commit to quality in everything we do
  • Nurture talent and share success
  • Innovate and be creative


Filtronic delivers world-class product, achieved through a strong quality culture, Six Sigma techniques, high levels of production automation, and traceability.

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A state-of-the-art designer and manufacturer of RF, microwave and millimetre-wave products for telecoms, public safety and defence/aerospace applications.

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We offer a wide range of solutions, from individual components to fully integrated, calibrated systems, supported by our IP and in-house knowledge.

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Filtronic wins 2021 Queen’s Award for Enterprise

29 April 2021

Double award winner

12 April 2021

Filtronic further expands its North American presence

12 February 2021

Filtronic joins the HAPS Alliance

1 December 2020