High-performance and high-quality RF for LMR, LTE and Converged Networks

Public safety mission-critical communications

Public safety networks are critical communications networks operated for emergency services. Reliability, availability and security are critical attributes for these services and they are normally provided over separate infrastructure, independent of commercial networks.

First-responder radio system specialists

Filtronic is a thought leader, innovator and problem solver in the mission-critical communications sector, helping to overcome complex RF challenges such as combining, filtering, and mitigating dynamic interference. We have established an enviable reputation in critical communications, most notably serving the US Project 25 (P25) public-safety market with high-performance ceramic filter/combiners and RF conditioning products.

Experts in Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks

For over 30 years, Filtronic have supported Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks with innovations across the RF spectrum. We have a track record of developing tailored solutions, designed to engineer out specific communications problems for the public-safety sector. For example our crossband combiners enable signals from multiple base stations of different frequency bands to be combined to a single feeder cable or antenna. They are optimized for a combination of different technologies with very low loss, optimum EVM and high isolation.

Public safety LTE-based communications

We continue to apply our intimate knowledge of the telecommunication infrastructure market to create advanced products for public safety LTE-based communications. These support the speed and data requirements of new technologies used by the emergency services, such as body-worn cameras, drones and automated vehicles.

Filtronic’s capabilities align with market demand as new hybrid solutions are developed. For example enabling mission-critical voice communications to continue over LMR public-safety networks, while non-critical data communications are carried over commercial-grade LTE networks. Filtronic have a range of products that are applied within a converged network including transceivers, power amplifiers and multiplexers. These products enable the convergence of Land Mobile Radio with 4G/5G technologies and the transition towards a more data rich ecosystem.

Improved performance, interference mitigation experts

Our precision products for mission-critical communication applications include tower top amplifiers, filters, crossband/in-band combiners, power amplifiers and multiplexers. We are specialists in interference mitigation to improve radio communication performance and clarity. Our innovations and technical skill have improved miniaturisation, reducing the footprint and weight of our components, while increasing power and amplification to improve connectivity.

High-performance and high-quality solutions for 700Mhz, 800MHz and 900MHz

Filtronic’s brand name has become synonymous with quality and performance within the critical communications markets. Our clients view our products as being the gold standard and see Filtronic as the go to partner for LMR applications in 700MHz, 800MHz and 900MHz frequency bands.

American made

FIltronic provide full US-based assembly. Offering a range of tailored solutions from our modern manufacturing plant in Salisbury, Maryland. We provide our critical communication clients a world class service that adds value to their supply chain. By helping our clients to remove cost from their operations, reducing their labour costs, improving their processes by removing waste. We also reduce time to market, giving our clients the flexibility to ramp up and down rapidly, improving quality all with no additional overheads or purchasing capital equipment.

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